Resurrection day

Luke 24.1. Now early on first day of week after sun….okay clearly this is day after the weekly sabbath.

Concept weekly sabbath vs high day sabbath. I will use lowercase sabbath for weekly Sabbath for high day.

It so happened the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion the passover Sabbath fell on same day as the sabbath.  If you have never considered how this happens look at the modern calendar and ask what day of week was your birthday this year…next year? The next year?  Sooner or later your birthday will fall on a Saturday. Why? Because 365 days in a solar year are not evenly divisible by the 7 days in a week. Now the Scriptures of course used different calendars but same principle applied.  Abib 14 is fixed date for passover while weekly sabbath occurs every 7 days no matter what day of week the month began. New moon had to have been on sabbath that year two weeks earlier (14/2 weeks).