Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath


When Yahvah breathed life into Adam and he opened his eyes for the first time, I feel sure that he saw a beautiful scene. Everything was new and fresh like the rest of us have never seen. I am sure Adam was overwhelmed with emotion when he first saw Eve. Surely he had great hopes for the future because there was nothing to curb his optimism. However a short time later Adam and Eve fell into sin and in a moment they went from hope to despair. They probably felt all was lost.

But Yahvah intervened and gave the promise of a seed to come that would bring victory over Satan. Since that day hope has been restored, but oftentimes it’s a whispering hope. It’s a hope you may have to strain to see, a hope that takes effort to hang onto, a hope that could easily be questioned, and doubted. We are still waiting for that to be fulfilled. Paul said that the “Elohim of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly….” Romans 16:20 (Holy Name Bible) In the meantime we will have to press on through the doubt, confusion, deception, persecution, etc., for the prize of our high calling. Most of the people you run into will try to rob you of your hope. The concept of overcoming sin is beyond comprehension for most people. But today we have access to the Hope of Israel. So if you are alienated from the commonwealth of Israel now is the time to get connected. Yahshua said “salvation is of the Jews…”Paul said the holy oracles were given to them and to them pertains the adoption the glory and the covenants. (Ro. 3:2 Ro. 9:4) Yahvah repeatedly refers to “my people”.

Let My people go….

If My people will humble themselves….

My people shall know My name….

My people have forgotten me….

Comfort ye My people….

Come out of her My people

There is a great consolation of knowing that we are His people. To know that you belong to your beloved is what keeps a relationship intact. But all that can get lost in the shuffle, especially in times of adversity. If we are His people then why all the unanswered questions, why all the troubles, and pain? Why does there have to be a time of great tribulation? This has been prophesied since the time of Daniel. Couldn’t this be avoided somehow?

Every story has to have a climax and I believe we are about to witness the climax of this age. This great conflict has actually been created for Yahvah’s great purpose which involves doing His pleasure for our benefit. Evil men have been put in place in the kingdoms of men because it is necessary that offences must come. If we didn’t struggle with pain, conflict and rejection we wouldn’t know the true meaning of love. We’d never have an opportunity to see love displayed in its reality.

Some people are really excited about our new president. On the other hand some people are really disheartened about our new president. Some people’s hopes are completely dashed. It’s been said that our new president is undermining the foundation of our nation. I agree with that but I don’t see much difference between him and the last few we have had. The previous leaders have paved the way for what President Obama is about to do. Someone said the Democrats are like wolves and the Republicans are like wolves in sheep’s clothing, because the Republicans pretend to be conservative. Adolf Hitler claimed to be a champion of family values.

So if you are either really excited or very discouraged about our current state of affairs then I suspect you are building your hopes on things that are not eternal. I do not believe that President Obama is part of Yahvah’s plan to save our nation, but I sense that he is part of Yahvah’s plan to bring judgment on our nation and refinement to His people.

Yahshua warned Peter that satan desired to sift him as wheat. Our word “tribulation” is related to the word “tribulum” which was a tool used to thresh grain. Tribulation is therefore part of the harvesting process. The great Husbandman is about to send forth His reapers into the harvest. You have probably seen pictures of the “grim reaper” with a black hood over his head. But harvest time is not a grim time. This is the day the farmer has been anticipating all season long. It’s actually a time of celebration. So in spite of the intensity of our current reality we needn’t be surprised or devastated.

About thirty years ago I was living in anticipation of the nearness of Yahshua’s coming. Today I still live with that anticipation. Previous generations have had similar emotions. The apostles in Acts 1:6 asked if Yahshua was going to restore the kingdom at the time of His ascension. Simeon was a devout man who was waiting for the consolation of Israel before the Savior was born. (Luke 2:25) Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied these things, and I wonder if even he thought it might happen in his day. (Jude 14,15)

Life is a few days of trouble, and if we can brace ourselves for the conflict to come then we won’t be so easily discouraged. If you are rejected by your family then read the story of Joseph. If you feel like there is no hope for a lost loved one then read about King Manasseh. (2 Chron. 33)

Yahshua told his disciples to rejoice because their names were written in heaven. There is no higher calling than to be in spiritual warfare. It’s not like being drafted or coerced into a questionable military conflict which is being coordinated by carnal men like is happening today. We have been called to a much higher level of warfare, with eternal purposes and eternal consequences. Like the war horse mentioned in Job 39 we were created for this very purpose.

Recently I say a shiny new pickup truck with very wide tires and heavy duty suspension. As I traveled down the highway I couldn’t help but notice that it didn’t look like it had carried anything more than few bags of groceries. Later I saw a small ordinary looking truck which was loaded down with bags of cement or some heavy load. This man was utilizing the truck for its intended purpose. Let’s make good use of the resources that we have been blessed with, by presenting our bodies as living sacrifices.

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