Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

Luke 19:11-27

Many people become obsessed with end time prophecies and of course there is no lack of evidence that we are living in the last days. Yahshua even told his disciples that the kingdom was at hand. This is as pertinent today as it was in Yahshua’s day. We still have multitudes of people who hate the master husbandman and refuse to have Him rule over them because they love darkness rather that light. We have some people who are very gifted and who have made a great impact for the sake of righteousness. They would be like the one who was gifted with 10 pounds. Like the Apostle Paul, Daniel, Peter, etc. Some people are exceptionally gifted. Not everyone is like that. However everyone has a level of accountability. You may not be expected to have the same level of productivity as the next fellow but you are expected to give what you have.

Like the fellow who was only given 5 talents. He was blessed because he utilized those 5 talents. Then we have the poor wretch who simply buried his talent because he completely misjudged the Heavenly Father. He wasn’t diligent enough to find out what it meant to “occupy until I come”.

What does it mean to occupy until I come? Does that mean tend to your occupation? Yes if that occupation is in line with the master husbandman. We have to keep in mind that all our business is really for someone else. These gifts and resources we have all belong to someone else. We cannot forget who we are working for and we must have some kind of contact with this nobleman even if he is out of town. If he doesn’t come in person he will at least send ambassadors to represent himself.

But what is so difficult about occupying until He comes? The thing that makes it tricky is the fact that we are actually occupying enemy territory. Satan is the ruler of this world. He told Yahshua that if he bowed down to him he would give him great rewards. He wasn’t just bluffing. Luke 4:5-7. Has Satan ever offered you a deal like that? There is pleasure and glory and even a level of satisfaction in serving Satan. Look at people like famous athletes who have given their all on the gridiron. Earl Earnhardt’s legacy lives on today. He has had his consolation. Not to mention the famous movie actors or the world leaders who achieve notoriety for all the wrong reasons. Satan has something to offer everybody. But most of us aren’t seeking anything like that at all. So what can Satan offer us? He can try to get us to forfeit the race, to lay down and quit just to get a little reprieve from the struggle. He is trying to get us to forfeit when the victory is already won. Even though the victory has been won, we have to be careful not to retreat just because we don’t have the full reward yet.

So how can we occupy until he comes? What does that mean?

Someone asked an elderly lady what she would do if she knew this was to be her last day? Her response was “Hoe the garden one more time.” That’s honorable. But Yahshua was very specific with Peter when he said Feed my sheep. This is the sign of a faithful steward of divine resources - feeding the masters sheep. Luke 12:37-43

This is the purpose for the resources that we have been given. So many people squander their gifts and resources, thereby losing their inheritance. They don’t necessarily squander them on purpose, but often get caught up in the cares of life and forget about the needy sheep around them. In Timothy is says to work with your hands so will have something to give to those in need. In your area of prosperity you need to share what you have been given. Yahvah cannot bless a nation that spends more on dog food than it does on foreign missions. He will not continually bless a people who spend more on cosmetics and golf clubs than they do strengthening the poor and needy.

There are many ways to minister to those around us. One way to feed the sheep is by way of hospitality. Abraham and Sarah took in strangers and didn’t realize until later that these men were angels from Heaven on a mission. How many times have we shown kindness to one of Yahvah’s ambassadors without knowing it. Another way to minister is to give a cup of water to a servant of Yahvah. This is a tremendous way to be a blessing. If you don’t know of anyone to support then keep looking. There has to be someone out there worthy of your love and support. This past week I visited with a minister in Tenn. I just dropped in on them and didn’t really expect much, but it turned out to be a real blessing for both of us.

Another thing we are told to do is warn the unruly. Every good grandmother warns her unruly grandchildren. I don’t think I have ever known a grandmother who didn’t have some of those. I have noticed that grandchildren are drawn to grandmas that show them loving correction and discipline. Somehow they know they need this, even if they don’t always want it. Unruly--- unarranged, insubordinate, disobedient, sloppy, misfits. Sometimes we think of young people but this can certainly include older unruly people as well. Whatever the case, we need to be willing to lift up our voice like a trumpet, without timidity. This is part of occupying our enemy territory.

Another thing we are told to do is comfort the feeble minded. Sometimes the best thing you can do is hold someone’s hand. You don’t have to be a theologian to do that. But you do have to be tenderhearted to recognize that the feeble minded person is just as precious (maybe more so) than anyone else. Remember Yahshua’s special interest was the lame and the blind and the downcast. He came to comfort the afflicted.

Another thing we can do to occupy in enemy territory is to rejoice evermore. We can rejoice for the mighty acts of Yahvah of yesterday, 6,000 years ago, from Creation to Noah to Abraham to Moses, David, Daniel, to Yahshua, all the way up to today. We can rejoice for what he is doing right now, and especially for the great light that is about to break forth in the near future. We have a lot to rejoice about. This is where your strength lies -- in the joy of Yahvah.

Also we are to continue praying, giving thanks in every situation. How can you do that? Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes we have to ask Yahvah for help to do that because it may not seem very sensible to give thanks in all things. The thing to remember is that one day we will understand the details of our lives.

We must not quench the spirit, or resist the holy spirit. Sometimes that really puts us to the test. This is what got Stephen stoned. He warned the unruly people and said you are resisting the holy spirit, you have received the law at the hand of angels and have not kept it. Stephen passed his test. When you obey the holy spirit you may be stoned too. It may not be sticks and stones but it might be words instead..

Do not neglect the prophecies is something else we can do in our occupation. Daniel and Revelation have great impact for us today. He didn’t say we had to understand all those prophecies but make sure you don’t neglect them. Because just the process of seeking these things out will build your character and help you prepare for the things ahead. Come out of Babylon my people. What does that mean? He wouldn’t tell us something then not let us know how to fulfill the obligation. We don’t need to neglect these issues. Some are more gifted in teaching these things than others. But the teachers need to pray for the students while the students are praying for their leaders to show them the way.

Prove all things. That may take a lifetime but what else do you have planned for your lifetime? Something more pressing? Actually prove means to test or examine all things.

Hold fast that which is good.

Abstain from the appearance of evil and truly occupy until He comes.

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