Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

It's difficult to find a way to convey this message with the urgency that I really believe it deserves. A sense of urgency will always accompany wholehearted love and devotion. An abundant harvest with such few laborers should move us to action. But the question many people many people are asking is- "If we have been so blessed with spiritual understanding and spiritual gifts then why have we not been more fruitful?" We have a measure of good things going on but most of us don't have the individual nor collective freedom that we desire. If there was ever a time for us to get our house in order it is today.

So what causes us to be hindered in our ministries? Somehow there has been a breakdown in the administration of Yahvah's word and of course His love as well. We certainly haven't intentionally broken the chain of connection to Yahvah but it has happened. If it happened to Adam and Eve we can be sure that the rest of us are not immune to this problem.

Starting with the book of Genesis we see that our Father initiated a system of Patriarchy to feed His sheep. Father Abraham was blessed for his obedience (Gen 26:4,5) but his obedience was directly related to his personal, intimate relationship with his heavenly Father (Gen. 18:19) The noticeable result of his obedience was that he commanded his household, keep in mind that his "commanding" was typical of a shepherd as opposed to that of a drill seargent. Also keep in mind that the message did not originate with Abraham, he merely relayed the instructions that he had received.

In Biblical history whenever there was a breakdown of morality it was accompanied by a failure of earthly fathers to maintain their relationship with their heavenly Father. For a man to be a loving father he must first be a loving son; this is how the chain of connection works. Today all nations of the earth are being blessed because of father Abraham and his covenant relationship with his heavenly Daddy. Now we too can receive the spirit of adoption whereby we cry "Abba", which is the Aramic word that is equivalent to our English word "daddy". What do you think of when you hear the word "father"- do you feel love and warmth or do you feel condemnation? Our perception of fatherhood is affected by our earthly experiences, which are never perfect, so we have to be ready to look beyond the here and now and see the Chief Shepherd.

In Psalms 78 David said that the parables and dark sayings of old are to be revealed to our children and each generation to come. When the divine message is not being conveyed then Yahvah will often grant a restoration and turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and vice versa. John the Baptist was known for this and he wasn't even a father as far as we know. Yet he had a fatherly character. He was a just person and because of that he knew how to deal with disobedient people. We need that kind of wisdom. Wisdom that will not condemn the sinner nor condone the sin. It was this same spirit that Eliyah had that enabled John the Baptist to turn many of the children of Israel to Yahvah. Who accepted this message? Largely it was the common sinners rather than the religious crowd.(Matt.21:32)

Yahvah desires to be a Father to the fatherless. His heart goes out to the widows and orphans. If we have His heart then we will share His compassion. Back in the days of old, women and children were usually very dependent upon the men in their lives. They realized their vulnerability. Ruth was elated to come under the umbrella of Boaz's protection. Today there are precious few women who realize their precarious position and just as few men who realize their tremendous responsibility to serve, protect and rule the weaker vessels. In Isaiah 3 Yahvah said that "children would be your tyrant". Usually if someone takes a position that is not rightfully theirs, it is because someone has abdicated their position of authority. There has been a breakdown in the Patriarchal connection.

Down through history men have gone from one carnal extreme to the other. On one hand men have been hard taskmasters and put unreasonable burdens on their women and children. Then on the other hand many men have failed to lead at all, leaving a vacuum which is usually filled by disgusted woman trying vainly to take things into her own hands. Both of these extremes have contributed to the mind set of the feminist movement, which is about to come to full fruition in our country. All the while both men and women recognize something is not right, but often can't identify where the problem lies.

Today we have much work to be done. How do we do it? By yielding to the Holy Spirit and by yielding to one another. In 1Peter 3 we are told that women are to obey and men are to honor the weaker vessel. In Eph. 5 Paul said to submit ourselves to one another. The natural tendency for a man is to sit on the couch and rule with the remote control and to avoid the major issues as hand. On the other hand, the natural tendency of a woman is to try to fix things instead of praying for her leader.

Many times it seems harmony in our home is an impossible mission, but this is our training ground. Our concern for unity in our families will be a good indication of our care for the assembly.

Back to Abraham- what made him such a good father- his love for Isaac? No, it was his intimate relationship with his heavenly Daddy that made the difference. Let's maintain the Patriarchal connection.

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