Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

In the book of I Timothy, the apostle Paul gives specific instructions for women to dress modestly. Why do you suppose he doesn’t mention men’s behavior in this area? Obviously he is being protective of the weaker vessel.

The vast majority of sexual abuse has always been perpetrated upon women. And there are no age limits. Crimes are committed against females from infants to the elderly. The billion dollar pornography business is mainly men preying upon women. For the most part, prostitution makes a few men wealthy while bankrupting the souls of millions of women. Why do women sell their bodies? Some do it because of financial poverty, but some women give their bodies away because of their extreme emotional poverty. They are desperately trying to fill the emptiness in their lives. This too is the most likely motivation for the women who seem to put on a “walking peep show” with their provocative clothing.

If you’ve ever seen a Brink’s armored car, you’ll notice they don’t drive down the road flopping $100 bills out the window. The driver is well aware that he is carrying valuable cargo, and because of that there is a constant threat of theft. Some people are constantly planning to take advantage of any lapse in security. But the driver is also aware that the money is not his to spend, he’s merely the custodian.

When women (and men) realize that their souls are precious cargo they tend to behave more like the driver of that armored car. Because they realize that these are people out there waiting and watching for an opportunity to take advantage of them, and these perpetrators will show no mercy.

Modesty is an attitude that comes from the realization that life and sexuality are very precious. And as attitudes change, so do actions and appearances. The Roaring 20’s was a period of time when attitudes became very lax and this resulted in dramatic changes in sexual conduct and misconduct in America. Many women proved to the world, that if given the chance, they could be just as vulgar and low down as a man could be. Then there was a rude awakening called the Great Depression, which resulted in a partial, temporary return to decency. But in the 1940’s with the introduction of nylon stockings and pantyhose, women began to progressively uncover themselves. After a period of time, mothers and grandmothers were dressing like the “flappers” of the 1920’s. I sense that our next rude awakening will make the Great Depression look like a picnic.

Actually these issues had been brewing under the surface for many years. Amelia Bloomer shocked the world in the 1850’s with her new invention, which was basically a baggy pantsuit. According to one historical account, in “1851 most ladies would not admit they had legs, much less display them.”

[1] And it just so happens that Amelia Bloomer was active in the “women’s rights” struggle. Then a few years later Margaret Sanger came along. She was not a modest person. She might be described as the Jack Kavorchian of the birth control movement. Pro abortion feminists rely heavily on the idea that they can do whatever they want with their bodies. However they don’t realize they are like the driver of that armored car. Their bodies are not their own, because they’ve been bought with a price. When people do what they want with their bodies they are usually on the road to self-destruction.

Because there is a way that seems right, but it leads to death. - Proverbs 14:12

I believe the reason women are instructed to be modest and shame faced is because they have more to guard than men do. They are more vulnerable to attacks from the enemy, and the Apostle Paul was trying to warn the weaker vessels.

He also said in I Timothy that Adam was not deceived but Eve was. Satan used Eve to get Adam to fall. Many women today are completely in the dark about how vulnerable they are and how much influence they have on society by their actions and appearance. It seems like Jezebel didn’t recognize her vulnerability until she was being thrown from a second story window. - II Kings 9:33.

If you ever did see an armored car going down the road flopping $100 bills out the window, it would certainly draw a crowd of people. But for the most part it would be the wrong kind of people. An incident like that would probably make the 6:00 news.

A fair woman without discretion will make the 6:00 news too, or at least the commercial breaks during the 6:00 news. But the problem is that a woman who dresses immodestly will draw the wrong kind of man. A good rule of thumb is if you're not selling don't advertise.

Of course, many women don’t dress provocatively, but they do dress carelessly. Similar to the carrier who would transport $1,000,000 in a plastic bag. He’s not using good judgment.

But we’re not just talking about a $1,000,000; we’re talking about the price of a virtuous woman which is far above $1,000,000. - Proverbs 31. Anything of such value must be guarded carefully. A hundred years ago most women would have been embarrassed to uncover their legs. Conversely many women today would be embarrassed to cover their legs with a modest dress because they wouldn’t want to appear prudish.

Now some people would say I’m going overboard. And I’ll have to admit that’s true, and I’m trying to take as many people with me a I can, because the ship’s going down and it’s time to man the life boats. If America’s ship is not going down, it’s certainly headed for disaster. But the accommodations are so nice and there is such a lavish deck party going on, it’s hard to make people realize the jeopardy we’re in.

Once while I was out shopping, I saw three Muslim ladies who appeared to span three generations. The oldest that was probably in her seventies, was being helped by a lady who was probably in her forties and they were closely flanked by a girl who was in her late teens. What was noticeable was the grandmother was dressed very modestly, the mother was dressed noticeably different and the daughter had on blue jeans and a T-shirt.

That was an obvious example of how exposure to our western culture affects people over a period of time. It seems like in some ways we have corrupted Yahvah’s statutes more than the Gentiles. (Muslims in this case.) - Ezekiel 5:6

Biblical culture is a patriarchal system, where men lead their families. In some countries like Latvia, I understand they have a matriarchal system where women give direction. In Democratic America we are rapidly evolving into a culture where it’s every man, woman and transvestite for themselves.

Monarchy is a form of government with an individual leader. Anarchy is when everyone is in charge. In America, we the people are in control (to some extent) and we tend to feather our own nest, like the majority of people do when they get in a position of power.

A big part of the women’s rights movement was the drive to get voting rights for women. Why did women want to vote? Most likely it was because they didn’t trust the judgment of the men in their lives. (Husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers).

Admittedly there has been terrible injustice done to the weaker vessels over the years, including abuse and neglect, and this has been a major contributing factor in the feminist movement. But instead of encouraging women to pray for their leaders/husbands, the feminist have encouraged women to take things into their own hands. And when these kind of hands rock the cradle, anarchy is sure to follow.

How can we have a united country if it’s made up divided families? And closer to home how can we have harmony in our local congregation if it’s made up of divided homes?

The bride of the Messiah is helpless and vulnerable to attack without our bridegroom to protect us. As Jezebel didn’t recognize her vulnerability, Ahab didn’t recognize his role as leader and protector, or at least he failed to fulfill his role, and I would say most men today are severely lacking in this area.

The word “husband” actually means caretaker. Husbandry has to do with managing entrusted resources. A husbandman’s job is to dress and keep the soil, plant the seeds, nurture and feed the growing plants and shelter them from the elements. Then his eventual goal is to present the fruits to the owner of the vineyard.

But spiritually speaking, we live in a day of extreme drought, windstorms, even attacks from the enemy, so we’ll have to be very loyal to the Master’s wishes if we expect to see any productivity. We must be very protective because there is no greater joy than to produce fruit for the Master’s use. And I believe the first step in that direction is to honor not dishonor the weaker vessel. I’ve heard it said the best thing you can do for your children is to love their mother.

When I was in college, I took a course in Animal Husbandry, which was a very beneficial class about caring for animals. However, what I really needed was a course in People Husbandry. We need men who can recognize the enemy, who guard and protect like the driver of the armored car, who can nurture and feed like a faithful shepherd and properly represent the Owner of the vineyard.

[1]The History of Women in America by Hymowitz and Weissman, page 103.

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