Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

When I was a teenager, our family had a mother cat with several kittens. When the kittens were born, the mother was very sickly and thin. In the next few weeks, her condition got worse and worse. Finally one day she disappeared and we assumed she had died. So we took the kittens in our house and cared for them without a second thought.

A few weeks later when the kittens were almost old enough to make it on their own, the mother cat suddenly reappeared. By this time she was plump and healthy. She didnít even look like the same cat.

Then we realized that the mother cat had abandoned her little ones because that was her only hope of recovery. She just had to leave their welfare to someone else.

Sometimes soft hearted people get so burdened down with the problems of their friends and loved ones that they donít leave any strength for themselves. If we are not careful we begin to carry unnecessary burdens and will eventually collapse. The apostle Paulís companion, Epaphroditus, had this problem as related in Phillipians 2:25-30.

In the 6th chapter of Mark, Yahshua told His disciples to go and rest awhile because they were so busy they didnít have time to eat.

We need to remember as we love our neighbors, that we need to love ourselves as well.

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