Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

Last week I went to a doctor and he asked me if I was under stress. I smiled and said “Of course.” He knew I was a minister so he commented that some of the sickest people he knows are home schooling moms and Pastors. He assumed it was because of the never ending nature of the job.

But life is stressful by nature. Even in the wild there is stress. The squirrels in my front yard are under threat of being eaten by my dog. He is constantly seeking a squirrel that he can devour. My dog is stressed every time I leave town. He is afraid I will never return. He wanders the neighborhood looking for me.

But what about you, are you stressed? Of course you are. With our current president allocating 44 million dollars to the IRS to finance more audits many people are feeling pressure. A local congressman recently said that the legislation is in place to raise the federal sales tax from 8% to 18%. What can we do to eliminate unnecessary stress? How can we handle the stress that is necessary?

We are told numerous times to “fear not”. If we lived in an environment void of problems this warning would not be necessary. Joshua was told to be very courageous and meet his enemies head on. Joshua 1:6-13. These enemies by the way were there for a divine purpose. Our enemies have a divine purpose as well. I believe that includes President Obama. Yahshua said it is necessary that offenses must come.

It was a sad day when Eve was deceived and Adam willfully followed suit. Thus began the great fall of mankind. All generations to come are suffering today as a result of that offense. It was a said day when there arose a Pharoah that knew not Joseph. And he began to create stress upon the children of Israel. Intense pressure. But Yahvah raised up this Pharoah for a divine purpose.

If there had been no slavery there could have been no supernatural deliverance. If there was no exile there could be no regathering. If there was no drought there could be no times of refreshing. It was the prodigal son who left home and wasted all his inheritance who eventually had the deepest appreciation of his father. He knew his place.

It was a sad day when Yahshua the innocent Lamb of Yahvah was beaten, scorned, abandoned, and crucified. But if there was no death there could be no resurrection.

We are told to not let our hearts be troubled. How can we not be stressed? Become converted and be like little children. A couple of nights ago my daughter called me and said listen to this. My 3 year old grandson was entertaining his 4 month old sister and she was laughing hysterically. Why can’t we do that? There is a time for laughter even in times of stress. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. You can’t necessarily laugh your way out of troubles, but if you are able to see something to laugh about then that’s a good sign. If nothing else I can always laugh at myself.

From time to time I will hear someone say “ I have worked my guts out for him, or the company or the church or whatever.” I always like to say, “That was your first mistake.” No one especially Yahvah wants you to work your guts out. Yahshua said “take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart. You shall find rest for your soul.” If you are working your guts out for Yahvah then you are very misguided. He wants us to do our utmost to do what? Enter into his rest.

Yahvah knew exactly how hard Calvary was for Yahshua, and if you have been crucified with Him then Yahvah knows just how hard yours has been too. Your crucifixion won’t be a dinner party any more than Yahshua’s was. But Yahvah has seen every tear, heard every whisper of prayer.

The best way to handle stress today is to remember the conversation Yahvah had with Father Abraham in Gen. 15. He said “Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward.” If we are the Messiah’s then we are heirs of this great promise right along with Abraham.

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