Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

When the book of Revelation was written the Babylonian Empire had not existed for about 500 years, and yet Yahvah warns His people to come out of ‘her.’ Since He could not be referring to the physical empire we can safely assume that He was referring to a spiritual empire that was still ongoing. This evil system is described as being the habitation of demons and foul spirits. It is said to have caused all nations to be intoxicated by her influence. Political and financial leaders are also mentioned as guilty of being accomplices in the actions of this sinful empire. This empire is sometimes referred to as a city that sits on seven hills, makes merchandise of the souls of men, and is responsible for the deaths of the prophets and saints. (Rev. 17:5,6,18) (Rev. 18:24) So whatever this empire is, we need to identify it so that we can avoid its modern day equivalent. Although we can’t stop the injustice that is being done any more than Abraham could have stopped Nimrod from being a troublemaker, we must be sure that we are not deceived and entrapped by this monster.

The Pharisees of Yahshua’s time were attempting to follow many Biblical injunctions (Sabbath, Feast Days, dietary laws, etc.) however, when it came down to the wire they chose the worldly, Roman king, Caesar over the King of Kings. (John 19:15) They had a form of religion, but it was a lifeless form.

Today the same test lies before us. As we seek to follow the scriptures we cannot ignore the indications that this Mystery Babylon is gaining momentum in our nation and around the world. America appears to have created an image like unto the beast in many ways. First of all, our Democratic form of government has it’s origin in Athens, Greece, not in the scripture. There is not a Biblical precedent for a democratic form of government. Anything that is “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is doomed to fail, in spite of man’s good intentions. The majority rules (supposedly), but that is no indication that the straight and narrow pathway will be chosen. Our track record has not been much different than any other nation, all things considered.

Secondarily, our economic system is surprisingly like the Romans way of doing business. I understand they even had a stock market not much different that what we have today. The main problem with this system is that it is motivated by greed and leads to the wealth of a nation being in the hands of very few people with a consolidation of power that wealth can yield. When the bubble of our economy collapses, I can picture the merchants of the earth reacting as described in Rev. 18:15.

Thirdly, our current blending of paganism with Biblical teachings, (Lent, Easter, Christmas, etc.) is very reminiscent of Constantine’s pseudo conversion. Then, following his lead, we have blended this mixture with an imperialistic mind set toward dominating foreign governments; spreading our politics, economy, and religion all over the globe. One writer said, “Socrates (the Greek philosopher) would love it here.” I feel like Constantine and her peers would feel right as home as well. Today as it was in the days of the “Christian” emperors, mainstream religion is the biggest threat to our spiritual survival. Our worst enemy is not the wolves like atheists, communists, Muslims, but the wolves in sheep’s clothing that masquerade as servants of the Most High, and accomplish the greatest deception.

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