Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

Have you heard about the upcoming wedding? It's by invitation only. It's going to be a surprise event, even the bride and groom don't know the date. The arrangements are all being made by the groom's Father. The character of the groom is impeccable, but the bride's story is altogether different. She is very fickle to say the least. Many times she doesn't even feel like a bride. The groom's Father sends His associates to help the bride with her preparations, but sometimes she has sold herself so far down the river it takes them a while to get to her. But the groom's Father is very wealthy and very understanding, so He is always willing and able to bring her back. Rumors have been circulating that the event won't be put off much longer. Some of the participants are already being fitted for their wedding garments.

If you haven't received your invitation just listen carefully because it could come when you least expect it. If you have received your invitation don't just file it away and forget about it. Make sure you keep it out where you can frequently refresh your memory because this is the chance of a lifetime.

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