Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

John Robinson

The writer of Proverbs asked a significant question many years ago that is still relevant for us today. The last part of Pro. 30:4 says “Who hath established all the ends of the earth? What is His name, and what is His Son’s name if thou knowest it?” Many people would say that we can’t know the answer to that question today but as we are nearing the time of restitution of all things this is one of the issues that is being illuminated. Since we aren’t living in the dark ages anymore we must not hide our heads in the sand of long standing traditions of men.

The bible would be a strange book indeed if it didn’t include the Author’s name. Actually in the original Hebrew writings that we call the Old Testament it was recorded about 7,000 times. The four Hebrew characters that represent the divine name are called the “ tetragrammaton”. The reason that it is not in most bibles today is because the translators have followed the leading of the ancient scribes who removed it from the text. This type of behavior is mentioned in Jer. 8:8 and Jer. 23:26,27.

But of course this offense did not escape the all seeing eye of Providence, and it seems that YHVH allowed this to happen for His divine purpose to be fulfilled. Quite often in scripture we see where He has hidden His truth and has even hidden Himself for his own glory. Pro. 25:2, Dan.12:4, Amos 3:7, Ezek. 39:29, Matt. 11:25, Rev. 10:7. Even when we do get a glimpse of Him and His glory we only get to look through a dark glass in this lifetime. But how could He be the great Revealer if He was not first the great Concealer?

It’s true that we can know Him without knowing His name, but as our intimacy deepens we will develop a love for His name, as described in Is. 56:6. Also it is only natural to love His Son’s name as well, because there is salvation in no other. Acts 4:12 , Acts 8:12

However what may be the most dangerous position, is to know His name without knowing Him, and this may be the reason for the divine mystery. Usually those who are the greatest enemies of YHVH are those who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Bearing His name without knowing Him would be like having the signet of a king you didn’t even know. You could very quickly get yourself in a lot of trouble like the seven sons of Sceva. They were using the name of Yahshua without His authority.

YHVH does not cast His pearls before swine for good reason. But He disperses them at His discretion to the vessels of His choosing. But before we can answer questions like “What is His Name?” or “What is truth?” we must answer the questions “ Why do I want to know?’’ and “What difference does it make?”, and “What will I do with the truth if I do perceive it, will I handle it discreetly and reverently?” Will I bring glory to His name or shame and reproach?

I believe when we first answer the elementary questions the other pieces of the puzzle will fit into place in their proper timing. So let us search our hearts as we search the scriptures.

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