Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath


Many people have asked about the Sacred Name movement. The reason people have felt led to restore our Heavenly Father's name to the scriptures is because of the multitude of scriptures emphasizing the importance and significance of His name, and the fact that we are warned not to remove anything from the words of the divine book. Surely this is what has happened with most Bible translations, which have deleted the Name of the Almighty about 7,000 times. The reason for restoring the name is that it was improper to take it out in the first place. Although we don't know everything there is to know about the usage and pronunciation of the the four-letter tetragramaton, we are on the pathway of restoration.

Some are discouraged about the cloud of uncertainty about this issue, but that just reminds us that these are high mysteries, and they must be searched for like hidden treasures. After all it is YHVH's glory to conceal things, so that He can reveal them to those who seek Him with all their hearts. It is an honorable thing for us to spend our lives searching out these matters. Pro. 25:2

Moses and Agur both asked legitimate questions about the personal name of our Heavenly Father (Exodus 3:13 & Proverbs 30:4) so it must have been a pressing issue worthy of consideration for them as well.

Don't forget that the 144,000 chosen ones will bear the Name of their Father and his Son in their foreheads and even the foreigners who love His name will have joy in His holy mountain. Rev. 14:1 & Isaiah 56:6

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