Our History

Our Assembly here at Emory has traceable roots that go back into the 1920’s. Our congregation today has quite a few descendants of people who accepted the “come out of Babylon” message many decades ago. There were Sabbath keeping groups in Texas and Oklahoma who fellowshipped together back in the 1930’s and 40’s. Bro. L.D. Snow came to this area (East Texas) to hold an extended revival meeting back in about 1930 and many people were tremendously affected by that meeting.

Then in 1950 there was a building constructed as a Sacred Name Assembly with the name Assembly of Yahvah. In addition to L.D. Snow some of the founders were L.F. Wilds and E.B. Adair.

Down through the years we have been blessed with many wonderful times of visitation from our Heavenly Father, and we have had plenty of failures to keep us humble. Many people today still have wonderful memories of the camp meetings that have been held here over the years.

In 1975 a community was begun here to provide a place for people to come who wanted to get their families out of the cities and prepare for the coming of our Messiah. A private school was operated here until about 1990. Today we are still preparing for Yahshua’s return and we are continually in the process of being purged and purified.

Today our current Pastor is John Robinson following former Pastors L.F. Wilds and Paul Wilds. We have always been very blessed with anointed musicians and we have CD’s available with original songs available for distribution. We also do prison ministry both in our local county jail as well as state prisons, consisting of correspondence and personal visitation. Over the years we have had good fellowship with a wide variety of Yahvah’s children and we always welcome interaction with people of like faith. The differences of understanding among Yah’s people are a necessary element of our growing in grace and knowledge, and we try to keep the bond of peace till we all come into the unity of the faith.