Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

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1.The Eyes Of Yahvah
2.To Heal The Brokenhearted
3.What Is Truth
4.Who Shall Not Fear Thee?
5.What Time Is It?
6.Here Is The Patience Of The Saints
7.If Any Man Hear My Voice
8.Under The Shadow Of His Wings
9.Falsely Accused
10.Many Are The Afflictions
11.As Many As I Love I Rebuke & Chasten
12.Receive Ye The Holy Spirit
13.Blessed Is He That Waiteth
14.Fear Not Little Flock
15.Perfect Hatred
16.Thy Kingdom Come
17.What Is His Name?
18.Chosen From The Foundation Of The World
19.A Manís Foes Will Be Those Of His Own Household
20.More To Be Desired Than Gold
21.Judge Not According To Appearance
22.Blessings Of The Law
23.Sorrow Turned To Joy
24.Every Idle Word
25.How Long?
26.River Of Tears
27.If Any Man Thirst
28.Go And Sin No More
29.Things To Remember
30.The Curse Of The Law
31.In Quietness And Confidence
32.None Of These Diseases
33.Let No Man Despise Thy Youth
34.Flee Fornication
35.He That Overcomes
36.Companion Of Fools
37.Blessed Are They Who Do My Commandments
38.Then Shall They Fast
39.Eat That Which Is Good
40.Man Of War
41.Hidden Treasures
43.Hear My Prayer
44.To The Law And To The Testimony
45.The Called According To His Purpose
46.A Just Reward
47.Why Should A Man Complain
48.Hear My Prayer #2
49.Fullness Of Joy
50.Do And Teach
51.Greater Works
52.Weightier Matters

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