Assembly of Yahvah, sabbath

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We have 3 CDs available to order. You can listen to samples of the music below. We hope you are blessed by our music ministry.

If you would like to order one of these CDs please email us HERE or mail your request to the address below. We accept donations for the expenses of producing the CDs at the address below as well. Be sure and let us know which specific CD you would like.

806 RS County Road 3330
Emory, TX 75440

"Heal Them With Your Love" - Tammy Robinson

He Has Risen
Like An Eagle
Blessed Is The Man
Table In The Wilderness
The Great I Am
Peace Of The Father
Let There Be Hope
Yah's Prayer
Daddy's Life
The Love Of My Life
Hail To The King
Heal Them With Your Love

"Stand" - Tammy Robinson

Keep Walking
Lead Me To The River
We Worship You
Blessed Lamb
I'm Nothing Without You
John's Victory Song
Jesse's Song
Following You
He's There, He Cares

"Child's Heart" - Tammy Robinson

Don't Want To Be a Judas
Praise Yahvah
Song of Praise
Oh Give Thanks
To Be Like A Child
Apply Your Blood
Something Special In You
Sweep Over Me
Yahshua Cried
In One Accord
Song Of Love

"Sacrifice" - Tammy Robinson

Wings Of Prayer
Holy Fire
Touch His Robe
Born Again
Wine And Bread
The Greatest Story
The Spirit Beckons

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